Joan K, California

Living so far from an elderly parent when they are ill is a painful experience. As much as we tried to be there for her as often as possible, having Rene’ there made a world of difference, she truly went beyond our expectations.


Selma P, Physician, Paris, France
In August 2007, my brother and I contacted Parental Care Consultants for assistance in taking care of our parents. We met with Rene’ for several hours and on the basis of this meeting, decided to retain Parental Care Consultants without meeting with any other organizations as a basis of comparison. Rene’ was extremely knowledgeable and immediately made us feel comfortable that she would be able to accomplish what was needed with our parents. It is not talking out of school to say that our parents each had personality traits which made them difficult people to handle. During the times that dad was hospitalized, Parental Care Consultants was invaluable. I truly do not know what we would have done without your assistance. Without hesitation, I would recommend Parental Care Consultants to any family.