Let me hasten to say that we have been extremely satisfied with Parental Care Consultants services and would not hesitate to recommend you. Starting from a position when our Dad was having troubles and we did not know how to proceed, we feel that he is in a much more stable situation and you get all the credit for stewarding him toward that improved situation. All the best.

Dear Rene,
I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge about Boynton Beach healthcare resources and your insights about how to support my family as they navigated COVID. My uncle ended up having to be hospitalized and my aunt took him straight to Bethesda West as you recommended. They were extremely happy with the hospital and received the antibiotics and Remdesivir he needed to turn the corner and recover.

He just came home this weekend and is continuing to improve. Thankfully, my other family members seem to be ok and they have the support they need. Thank you for emailing me so quickly with your advice and for helping us so directly. My family are lucky to have you in our lives.

With immense Gratitude.

In August 2007, my brother and I contacted Parental Care Consultants for assistance in taking care of our parents. We met with Rene’ for several hours and on the basis of this meeting, decided to retain Parental Care Consultants without meeting with any other organizations as a basis of comparison. Rene’ was extremely knowledgeable and immediately made us feel comfortable that she would be able to accomplish what was needed with our parents. It is not talking out of school to say that our parents each had personality traits which made them difficult people to handle.

During the times that dad was hospitalized, Parental Care Consultants was invaluable. I truly do not know what we would have done without your assistance. Without hesitation, I would recommend Parental Care Consultants to any family.

Our entire family has been so grateful for all the loving care you provided to Dad over these past 9 years. We know it kept him alive to 96 years old. Words cannot express our appreciation and gratitude.

Living so far from an elderly parent when they are ill is a painful experience. As much as we tried to be there for her as often as possible, having Rene’ there made a world of difference, she truly went beyond our expectations.

I remain very grateful to you, Helen and Rosemary for helping us to navigate such difficult times when I would not have known how to provide my parents with what they needed. I still remember that first phone conversation I had with you from Australia in June or July of 2013 and how reassured I was to know that I would not be alone in dealing with these issues.

Thanks so much and Best wishes to you all.

We have spent a lot of time over the past few months settling Dad’s estate and other matters. He is never far from our thoughts. And when we think of him, we also think of you. We remember the 7+ years you cared for Mom and Dad, and guided them and us with deep knowledge, patience, empathy and love. You saved them, and us, from all kinds of trouble and pain. You made these last years of their lives better for all of us. Thank you, from us and all our extended families. We send you our best wishes and our abiding love…

I was initially referred to you by my attorney. Rene’ you certainly went well above and beyond anything I expected with the level of help and kindness to my mother and me. Words can’t even express how eternally grateful I am for all you have done for me and especially for bringing comfort to my mother. She talked about how nice you are and you brought a much needed smile to her face.

You are a true Angel and I would not have made it without your help!
Thank you

It seems somewhat odd, and a near-impossible task to express all the appreciation we have for the countless ways that you and your team enabled Gramps to have a meaningful high-quality, healthy final stage of his very long life. Yet it would be impossible not to try- so here is our inadequate but deeply felt “Thank You” for your contributions to our family these past 8 years. We all were fortunate to have connected with you!

Rene’, you came into my mother’s home more than 6 years ago and found a highly disorganized situation. You calmly set about putting Mother’s life and household in order. She was gently weaned off smoking, wine, and an unhealthy diet. Her insulin injections became unnecessary and she became less moody and volatile due to more effective anxiety medications. You were always thinking of ways to make her happy and more comfortable. All in all I think the care from Parental Care Consultants raised the quality of life and extended her lifespan due to your quality of care. You certainly put her children’s minds at rest.

So my brothers and I extend our sincere thanks for a job done well and more importantly with such a level of humanity. While we all hope that we will not ever need the level of care that Mother did, we would like to hope that if we did we could have such a dream team around us too.

All our best wishes and thanks.


Judy L, North Carolina
Our entire family has been so grateful for all the loving care you provided to Dad over these past 9 years. We know it kept him alive to 96 years old. Words cannot express our appreciation and gratitude.