Larry M, Attorney, Sydney, Australia

I remain very grateful to you, Helen and Rosemary for helping us to navigate such difficult times when I would not have known how to provide my parents with what they needed. I still remember that first phone conversation I had with you from Australia in June or July of 2013 and how reassured I was to know that I would not be alone in dealing with these issues.

Thanks so much and Best wishes to you all.


Betsy G, New York
Rene’, you came into my mother’s home more than 6 years ago and found a highly disorganized situation. You calmly set about putting Mother’s life and household in order. She was gently weaned off smoking, wine, and an unhealthy diet. Her insulin injections became unnecessary and she became less moody and volatile due to more effective anxiety medications. You were always thinking of ways to make her happy and more comfortable. All in all I think the care from Parental Care Consultants raised the quality of life and extended her lifespan due to your quality of care. You certainly put her children’s minds at rest. So my brothers and I extend our sincere thanks for a job done well and more importantly with such a level of humanity. While we all hope that we will not ever need the level of care that Mother did, we would like to hope that if we did we could have such a dream team around us too. All our best wishes and thanks.